Inside Modern Law Reform published


A new book giving an “insider’s view” of how law reform really works in practice is published online today. “Inside Modern Law Reform” explains how the Law Commission carries out law reform and the history behind it.

Outgoing Chair Sir Nicholas Green writes in his introduction to the book:

“I have sought in this introduction to bring the work of the Law Commission to life – to sketch out how we came into being, who we are, what we do and why and how we do it.”

As well as describing the history and process of law reform, the book outlines the wide-ranging social and economic benefits it provides, the importance of an independent Law Commission, the unique work it does in Wales, its international relationships, and the opportunities they offer to enrich the Commission’s work.

While the level of detail provided in the book may be of more interest to those who are already familiar with the work of a law reform body, nonetheless the Commission hopes that the work will be of interest to a more general audience. Above all, the work is aimed at all those who share a concern for good law reform both nationally and internationally.

The Commission is indebted to the many thousands of individuals and organisations who have contributed so fully and generously to its law reform projects over the decades and from whom it has learned and continues to learn. It is because of these contributions that it has been able to build up the wide-ranging experience of law reform described in this book.

A PDF version of the book is available to download here.

The Welsh language PDF version of the book is available to download here.