13th Programme of Law Reform

Project status: Complete

Under the Law Commissions Act 1965 the Law Commission is required to submit Programmes of law reform to the Lord Chancellor. Since then, every three or four years the Commission has set out the areas it intends to work on for the next few years. In July 2016 the 13th Programme of Law Reform consultation … Read more >

Planning Law in Wales

Project status: Complete

We are recommending that a new Planning Code is created for Wales, which is comprehensive but simpler. We have analysed the responses to our Consultation Paper, and produced a Final Report, submitted to the Welsh Government and laid in the UK Parliament and in the National Assembly on 03 December 2018. The Welsh government provided … Read more >

Cyfraith cynllunio yng Nghymru

Project status: Complete

Rydym yn argymell bod Cod Cynllunio newydd yn cael ei greu ar gyfer Cymru sy’n gynhwysfawr ond yn symlach. Rydym wedi dadansoddi’r ymatebion i’n Papur Ymgynghori, ac wedi cyhoeddi adroddiad terfynol, a gyflwynwyd i Lywodraeth Cymru ac a osodwyd yn Senedd y DU ac yng Nghynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru ar 30 Tachwedd 2018. Cafwyd ymateb llawn … Read more >

Bills of Sale

Project status: Complete

Download the final report Download the report summary The problem Bills of sale are a way for people to use their goods as security for loans while retaining possession of those goods. They are mostly used for logbook loans – loans against cars – a high-cost form of credit regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. … Read more >

Charity Law: Technical Issues in Charity Law

Project status: Complete

The Charities Act, including Explanatory Notes, are available here. A marked-up copy of the Charities Act 2011, showing the changes that are made by the Charities Act 2022) a “Keeling Schedule”) is available here (revised version as of 24 February 2022. The project Charities are a force for good and millions regularly donate to help … Read more >

Charity Law, selected issues

Project status: Pre-project

Charities are a force for good and millions regularly donate to help them help others. This project examined selected issues relating to the legal framework within which charities operate, in order to recommend reforms with a positive impact on charity law in practice. It was split into two reports: Social Investment by Charities Technical Issues … Read more >

Sentencing code

Project status: Complete

View the full report View the summary of the full report  View the executive summary of the full report View the Welsh summary of the report The problem The law on sentencing affects all criminal cases, and is applied in hundreds of thousands of trials and thousands of appeals each year. It is important to … Read more >

Pension Funds and Social Investment

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the summary The problem Workplace pensions are changing rapidly. Traditional defined benefit (DB) schemes are being replaced with defined contribution (DC) schemes, where each member’s income in retirement depends on how their contributions are invested. Employees are no longer required to make a positive choice to join a workplace pension to … Read more >

Event Fees in Retirement Properties

Project status: Complete

Please Note: This project used to be known as Transfer of Title and Change of Occupancy Fees in Leaseholds The project Each year thousands of older people consider a move to specialist retirement properties. These homes are almost always sold on a leasehold rather than freehold basis. Many of these leases require the owner to pay … Read more >

Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the summary Download the Easy Read summary The problem The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards aim to protect people who lack mental capacity, but who need to be deprived of liberty so they can be given care and treatment in a hospital or care home. If a person’s right to liberty needs … Read more >