Attend the academic conference on 23 April to input into the Law Commission’s next law reform programme.


The Law Commission, SLS, SLSA and ALT invite you to attend their academic conference on the Law Commission’s 14th Programme of Law Reform.

The Law Commission is really keen to hear your ideas for areas of law which you consider are in need of reform, and your opinions on some of the potential projects that have been suggested. Academic research can play a crucial role in all stages of the Commission’s work, including making the case for reform. Your input at this early stage can make a real difference to the next few years of law reform across England and Wales.

The conference takes place from 10am to 5pm on 23 April. The conference will include a range of sessions across different areas of law of which you can attend as many as you like. Further details can be found in the full programme using the link, below.

Please use this Eventbrite link to sign up to the conference using your institutional email address. The password is Programme.

Once you have signed up to the conference, you will be sent the programme with links for each session. You will not need to sign up to each session you plan to attend, instead just use the links to join each one.

We will be using Microsoft Teams to host the sessions. If you don’t have Teams, you will be able to join the sessions through a web browser. Guidance on joining a meeting can be found here.

14th Programme

Every few years, in accordance with our statutory obligations, the Law Commission undertakes a public consultation with a view to submitting to the Lord Chancellor a draft Programme of Law Reform. Our 13th Programme was agreed in late 2017 and included 14 projects. Given the seismic changes which have occurred since 2017 we believe the time is right to consult again with a view to agreeing a new 14th Programme.


10:00-10:30am: Opening address from the chair: Click here to join the meeting


10:30-11:30am: Parallel sessions:


11:30-12:30pm: Parallel sessions


12:30-1pm: “speed” law reform presentations: Click here to join the meeting


  • 12:30     Financial remedies on divorce and prenuptial agreements
  • 12:35     Loot boxes in video games and Gambling Act 2005
  • 12:40     Planning Law (Article 5(8) UK Planning Act).
  • 12:45     Evidence-based instructions or directions for jurors to combat misperceptions, or endorsement of “myths.”
  • 12:50     Miscarriages of Justice and the Appeal system
  • 12:55     Decriminalising assisted suicide


1-2pm: Break for lunch


2-3pm: Parallel sessions




4-4:30pm: “speed” law reform presentations: Click here to join the meeting

  • 4pm       Children’s Rights to Know their Origins in Assisted Reproduction
  • 4:05       How effectively the law gives a voice to children in matters affecting them and supports the rights given to children under article 12 of the United Nations Convention on  the Rights of the Child.
  • 4:10       A mechanism for bringing those of faith and no faith together to inform law creation and adjudication
  • 4.15       Closed proceedings in criminal trials
  • 4:20       Reforms to the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • 4:25       Reforms to the M&A sector / private securities market


4:30-5pm: Closing address from the three heads of associations: Click here to join the meeting 

Speed law reform presentations

These sessions offer you the chance to give a “elevator pitch” style presentation of your idea across any area of law. It is the virtual equivalent of a poster presentation and you will be limited to no longer than 5 minutes and one PowerPoint slide.

You can sign up to give a speed law reform presentation here.


If you have any questions about the conference, please email