Annual report 2022-23 published

The Law Commission’s Annual Report 2022-23 has been published.

The annual report highlights the work that the Law Commission has done over the past 18 months from April 2022 to September 2023. We would like to thank colleagues across the Law Commission for their input and contribution to this annual report. Some examples of key work delivered are:

  • Publishing six major reports since the last annual report, covering topics such as arbitration, surrogacy, weddings, digital assets, intimate image abuse and the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.
  • Seeing the implementation of our law reform recommendations by Government, such as recommendations on electronic trade documents in the Electronic Trade Documents Act and on public nuisance in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022.

Sir Nicholas Green, Outgoing Chair of the Law Commission said:

“During the period of this report the Law Commission has been exceptionally busy.  At any one time we are engaged in over 20 law reform projects.

“Our work stretches from a series of projects focusing upon removing outdated legal restrictions to the operation of the digital economy through to online harm, hate crime, non-consensual intimate images, commercial drones, contempt of court, arbitration, compulsory purchase in planning, new methods of disposing of the dead, wills and the admissibility of evidence in sexual assault and rape cases in the criminal courts.

“I am delighted that a significant number of our proposals will be taken forward by the Government this legislative session.”

The annual report is available here.