Consultation for the 13th Programme of Law Reform

On 14 December 2017 the Law Commission published its 13th Programme of Law Reform.

To make sure our work is as relevant and informed as possible, the Law Commission consults widely when we draw up our programmes of law reform. To help us compile our 13th Programme, we are asking for suggestions from you about which areas of the law would benefit from reform.

You will find a link to the consultation questionnaire at the bottom of this page
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What are we asking from you?

If you believe there is a problem in an area of law that would benefit from reform, please tell us about it using the questionnaire below. We will use the information you provide to assess whether there is potential for a law reform project. The information on this page will tell you what types of problem we are likely to investigate and how we will make the final selection for the Programme.

What types of problems will we investigate?

Not all legal reform is suitable for the independent, non-political Law Commission. We can propose reform of laws or areas of law which are:

  • causing substantial unfairness;
  • widely discriminatory or disproportionately costly; or
  • caused by laws or policies that are complex, hard to understand or have fallen out of step with modern standards.

How will we decide which projects to select?

When we are considering an idea, we will ask:

  • How important is reform: to what extent is the law unsatisfactory?
  • What are the potential benefits of reform?
  • Is the Law Commission the most suitable body to conduct the project?
  • Are there necessary resources available for the reform project?
  • Would the project require involvement from the Welsh Government and/or the Scottish or Northern Ireland Law Commissions?

Before we can include a project in our Programme, our Protocol with Government also requires us to have confirmation from the relevant Government Department that it has a “serious intention” to take forward law reform.

Other potential reform projects

The Law Commissioners have identified some areas of law that may require reform, and which could be potential projects for the Programme. We would also be very grateful for your views on these.

Closing date

Please send us your ideas by Monday 31 October 2016 to


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