This page has the redacted responses to questions from our consultation paper on the devolved tribunals in Wales.

We have published responses in the same format and language(s) that they were submitted to us. Some information has been redacted from responses in accordance with the Law Commission’s redaction policy (primarily information which identifies a consultee’s address or contact details).

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Patrick Moriarty

Noel Edwards

Sir Wyn Williams

Keith Bush

Adjudication Panel for Wales

Ceredigion Council

Catholic Education Service

Rt Rev Dr Barry Morgan, JAC

Governing Council , Valuation Tribunal for Wales

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (Cymru)

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (English)

Huw Williams

Professor Thomas G Watkin

Roger Handy

Bob Chapman

The Law Society

Pembrokeshire County Council

Anglesey County Council

Gwynedd County Council

Cardiff Council

National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru

Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales

Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales

Denbighshire County Council

Public Law Wales

Bar Council

Dr Christopher McNall

Sarah Nason and Ann Sherlock

Dr Angie Ash

Richard Payne

Panel member(s) from the Cardiff school panels

Dr Huw Pritchard and Dr Sarah Nason