This page has the redacted responses to questions from our consultation papers on commonhold, leasehold enfranchisement, and the right to manage (“RTM”).

The format of responses differs depending on how it was submitted to us. Responses submitted via our online platform (called “CitizenSpace”) follow a standard format produced by that system which corresponds to how the questions were displayed. The online platform provided various fields for consultees to input their responses, such as “Yes”, “No” or “Other”, and included comment boxes for consultees to expand on their views. Below, we have included “keys” for each project to highlight how the responses correspond to the boxes or fields the consultee faced.

Responses submitted via email and post were in various formats, and often included attachments. We have published responses in the same format they were submitted to us.

Some information has been redacted from responses in accordance with the Law Commission’s redaction policy. In summary, any information which identifies a consultee’s address or contact details has been redacted, and potentially defamatory material relating to an individual or a group of individuals has also been removed. Please consult the redaction policy for further detail on how information has been processed.



The commonhold project webpage is here.

The commonhold “key” is available here.

The redacted responses are available below:

Commonhold CitizenSpace Individual Responses 1

Commonhold CitizenSpace Individual Responses 2

Commonhold CitizenSpace Individual Responses 3

Commonhold CitizenSpace Individual Responses 4

Commonhold CitizenSpace Individual Responses 5

Commonhold CitizenSpace Organisation Responses

Commonhold CitizenSpace Other Responses

Commonhold Non-CitizenSpace Responses

Leasehold enfranchisement


The leasehold enfranchisement project webpage is here.

For the leasehold enfranchisement project, the redacted responses for questions concerning valuation (questions 107 to 125) were published separately, alongside the Valuation Report, in January 2020. Those responses are below, in the “Enfranchisement Valuation Responses” file, and there is a “key” included in that document for the relevant valuation questions.

The “key” for all other questions is available here.

The redacted responses are available below:

Enfranchisement Valuation Responses

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 1

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 2

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 3

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 4

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 5

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Responses 6

Enfranchisement CitizenSpace Organisation Responses

Enfranchisement Non-CitizenSpace Responses




The RTM project webpage is here.

The RTM “key” is available here.

The redacted responses are available below:

RTM individual responses

RTM organisation responses

RTM other responses