We have identified some areas of law that our experience and discussion with stakeholders suggest may require reform. They could be potential projects for the Programme. We would like to hear your views about these, and whether you think they should form part of our work over the next few years.


How can we simplify the law?

One of the core responsibilities of the Law Commission, as defined in the Law Commissions Act 1965, is to simplify the law. A number of possible approaches have been suggested.

In criminal law it is often said that the number of criminal offences currently in force is excessive. Is there scope for simplification without reducing the protection of the public which the criminal law provides? If so, on what areas should the Commission concentrate?

In the civil courts, many parties are litigants in person. Complex law makes it difficult for people to navigate their way through the system. We are therefore interested in suggestions of areas where it would be both useful and practicable to streamline the law, for example in relation to residential leasehold property, or aspects of individual employment law.

Another approach is to take a particular issue, such as setting up a small business, and analyse the legal framework governing the process and whether it can be simplified. This would have the advantage of considering the law from the user’s perspective.

What do you think?

We are keen to hear about ideas relating to any of the three approaches outlined above, together with a view on the practical benefits which will derive from a more simple approach to the law. Please use this form to send us your comments, and email it to programme@lawcommission.gsi.gov.uk.


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