This page contains the responses we received to our consultation paper on hate crime laws.

The format of responses differs depending on how it was submitted to us. Responses submitted via our online platform (called “CitizenSpace”) follow a standard format produced by that system which corresponds to how the questions were displayed. The online platform provided various fields for consultees to input their responses, such as “Yes”, “No” or “Other”, and included comment boxes for consultees to expand on their views. Below, we have included a document listing all the questions we asked in our consultation paper and our summary paper, which correspond with the questions consultees answered.

Responses submitted via email were in various formats, and often included attachments. We have published responses in the same format they were submitted to us.

Some information has been redacted from responses. In summary, we have redacted any information which identifies a consultee’s address or contact details, material which is grossly offensive such that it may amount to a criminal offence, and material which is potentially defamatory relating to an individual or a group of individuals.

We have redacted the names of all personal responses unless these responses were submitted by an expert in a professional capacity (for example, an academic or legal or law enforcement expert).

We have responded to requests for confidentiality by redacting names of individuals, and we have responded to requests for anonymity in the same way. This means we have not identified those who asked for anonymity or confidentiality, but we have included the text of their response in so far as they do not identify any individuals or contain sensitive information, in the interests of transparency.

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