An update on the 14th Programme of Law Reform

In 2021 the Law Commission consulted on a new 14th Programme of Law Reform. We received around 500 responses covering nearly 200 possibilities for law reform. The consultation concluded in the same year. We are very grateful to all those who engaged with us.

The Commission has currently extended the timetable for finalising the 14th Programme. We have taken this decision in view of the Government’s focus on priorities for the remainder of this Parliament. The Commission is also fully engaged working on current projects.

We do not consider that now is the right time to establish a new long-term programme of work which would cover the next five years and beyond. However, it remains our full intention to agree a new programme and in due course, and we will move forward again with Government to agree one.

The work that we have to date undertaken in relation to the consultation has been incredibly valuable. Since 2021 we have agreed several new projects suggested to us as candidates for inclusion in a new programme as Ministerial references and we continue to discuss with Government many good ideas for reform that were proposed to us by consultees.

We also continue to work on outstanding remaining 13th Programme projects that are yet to be completed.

You can view all of our active projects here.

Whilst the timetable for formal submissions of suggestions for the 14th Programme is closed, we always remain open to receiving ideas on new areas of potential law reform.





Sir Nicholas Green

Chair, Law Commission
February 2023