Government publishes Law Commission implementation report

The Government has recently published its regular report on the implementation of Law Commission proposals from January 2018 to January 2023. 

The Law Commission has produced more than 350 sets of law reform recommendations since its creation in 1965, delivering practical benefits to the public, businesses, the third sector and the public sector. In this way, the Commission’s work is crucial in supporting economic growth and improving the lives of many. However, only Government can change the law to implement these recommendations.  

Since 2010, the Lord Chancellor has been under a duty to report to Parliament on the extent to which the Law Commission’s recommendations have been implemented by the UK Government.  

The Lord Chancellor’s report sets out important information, including which recommendations have been implemented since the previous report, and which are awaiting a decision from Government.  

The Lord Chancellor’s eighth report covers the implementation of Law Commission projects from January 2018 to January 2023, such as: 

Historically, around two-thirds of the Law Commission’s recommendations for reform have been implemented. The report therefore serves as a key accountability mechanism to ensure that the Commission’s reform work continues to have a significant and lasting impact. 

The Lord Chancellor’s report deals specifically with recommendations that are for UK Government. A separate report is produced for recommendations for the Welsh Government.  

A full list of UK Government and Welsh Government implementation reports is available here.