Law Commission joins UK Boardroom Apprentice as host board for upcoming programme

  • Unique opportunity to join the Law Commission’s Board for a year.
  • Aspiring applicants will gain insight into the Commission’s crucial work of making the law simpler and fairer for everyone.
  • Applications for next year’s programme open today (Monday 4th September 2023).

Law Commission joint Chief Executives, Joanna Otterburn and Stephanie Hack said:

“As a consultative body producing law reform proposals for the benefit of the whole of England and Wales, we are keen to bring a broad range of voices into our boardroom. This is a great opportunity to play our part in developing the next generation of non-executive board members, at the same time as hearing a fresh perspective and being supported and challenged by someone from a diverse background.

“The programme will provide a unique opportunity for the successful applicant to see first-hand how the crucial work we do makes a difference to people’s lives, making the law simpler and fairer for everyone.

“In order for the law to be effective it needs to represent all communities, and that is why the Law Commission wants to draw on a broad and diverse pool of talent. Please apply for this exciting programme.”

UK Boardroom Apprentice is a unique 12-month board learning, development and placement programme which enables those who would like to serve on a public or third sector board to learn and gain the experience that they need to take that step.

Since its inception in 2017, the programme has seen 372 Boardroom Apprentices embark on their personal journey to serve on a public or third sector board.

Boardroom Apprentice founder Eileen Mullan said: “Boardroom Apprentice was created to deliver diversity, create change, and realise aspirations.

“Our vision is simple – to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to join a host board for a year to learn how they can bring fresh perspectives and diverse thinking to boardrooms across the UK.”

Open to those aged 18 or over from all backgrounds and all abilities, the programme seeks to enable a wider diversity of individuals to play their part within boardrooms, allowing those without board experience to enhance their knowledge and understanding through in-depth learning and support.

Boardroom Apprentice prides itself on the support system in place for those taking part in the programme.

Upon being assigned a host board, Boardroom Apprentices are paired with a Board Buddy who aids with their progression throughout the twelve-month experience, as well as being provided with a suite of learning days.

Ms Mullan added: “I decided to create a programme that brings together three key elements – knowledge, experience and support.

“Over a twelve-month window, Boardroom Apprentices will get practical board experience, a suite of learning days and support to fully equip them to serve on a board in the public or third sector in the future.

“Being a Boardroom Apprentice is a gift with the expectation that you give it back. Being a Boardroom Apprentice is about preparing you for public service, which is about you playing your part.”

For more information on UK Boardroom Apprentice, go to the programme’s website and find out how to apply here