Financial remedies on divorce

Assessing the reform options for the laws governing finances on divorce and the ending of a civil partnership The problem Going through a divorce or ending a civil partnership is often a stressful and hugely consequential period for any couple – for both their personal and family lives, as well as their finances. Every year, … Read more >

Business Tenancies: the right to renew

Project status: Pre-consultation

Our wide-ranging review will consider in detail how the right to renew business tenancies, set out in Part 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, is working and will consider options for reform.    The law  All businesses – from cafes and shops in town centres, to companies occupying offices, warehouses and factories – need … Read more >

Project status: Pre-project

Compulsory purchase

Project status: Pre-consultation

The problem Compulsory purchase is a legal mechanism by which certain bodies can acquire land without the consent of the owner. The ability to purchase land using compulsory powers is essential to the implementation of large-scale projects to improve both local and national infrastructure. The number and scale of such projects is likely to intensify … Read more >

Aviation autonomy

Project status: Consultation

Documents Consultation Paper Summary of Consultation Overview Overview (Cymraeg) Background The Law Commission has been asked by the Civil Aviation Authority (“CAA”) and Department for Transport (“DfT”) to review the law around autonomous flight, in order to support the safe development of rapidly advancing technology. The three-year review is partly funded by UK Research & … Read more >

Contempt of court

Project status: Pre-consultation

Documents Terms of reference The problem “Contempt of court” refers to a wide variety of conduct that may impede or interfere with a court case or the administration of justice. Examples include deliberately breaching a court order, refusing to answer the court’s questions if called as a witness, or releasing photographs or publicly commenting on … Read more >

Remote driving

Project status: We have published our advice to Government on remote driving Documents Remote driving: advice to Government Summary of remote driving: advice to Government Overview of remote driving: advice to Government Overview of remote driving: advice to Government (Welsh) Remote driving: analysis of responses to the issues paper All responses to the issues paper … Read more >

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

Project status: Pre-consultation

The Government asked the Law Commission to produce a scoping paper which examines the description and legal status of DAOs – a new type of collective organisational structure that often uses blockchain, smart contracts or similar technology. > Read our call for evidence paper here.  > Respond to our call for evidence paper here. What … Read more >

Immigration Consolidation

Project status: Pre-project

The Government has asked the Law Commission to pause the work to consolidate the primary legislation on immigration.  The Windrush Lessons Learned Review, which was published in March 2020, drew attention to the complexity of immigration and nationality law and included this recommendation: Reduce the complexity of immigration and nationality law, immigration rules and guidance … Read more >